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Injection Molding

Having been actively involved in the processing of thermoplastics, and specifically injection molding,

I have always wondered about one fascinating fact:

the fact that a lot of the basic issues in polymer processing, design etc. I encountered more than 20 years ago are still around today.


Through this website I would like to share my experience with you.

It aims to provide information on the process of injection molding of thermoplastics, accompanied by information of subjects closely related to this, and hopefully adds something useful to the plastics community.


I hope the reader will enjoy the information on this site as much as I did writing it. The website will be updated regularly, so do return to see what's new on ""!


Kind regards,

Ing. Jan G.J. van Poppel



J. van Poppel is currently Sales Manager Benelux at VELOX GMBH; see VELOX GmbH is specialised in raw material specialities for the plastics and composites industry.


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27th of December 2012:


Started working on the website again, soon pages will be added... including trouble shooting!



Jan van Poppel